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I have studied in details about the hairs problems and gain good knowledge and hence I am sharing with you people.

Citation - I have used a number of books, as a reference, and some of the photos I have collected from creative commons of pixabay and Wikimedia. But the content is my own.  

Welcome! about me, my aim is to educate the community and I had actively associated with these institutions as I had inborn and hereditary characters of writing and educating people.
Till 2012, I was working in Saudi Arabia and I left the job for personal reasons. I ventured into many businesses like garment manufacturing, retail sales, hotel and bakery business and finally to online digital marketing. Without knowing that I can make money from blog writing, I started writing blogs as a passion in 2013. Actually, when I entered into the online marketing field, I realized that there is a lot of scope for money-making and helping other people like me with a craze to make money.
I'm an affiliate marketer with links to an online retailer on my website. When people read what I've written about a particular product and then click on those links and buy something from the retailer, I earn a commission from the retailer


Initially, I started writing with random ideas and stuff, but gradually understood the methods and importance of planning and organizing and used it to earn money through online digital marketing and writing blogs. Now, I am here to share the knowledge I’ve learned. Please follow me to start earning, Surely, you can’t earn immediately, but will definitely earn in the long run.
Okay.. Fine. Swimming, reading, writing, cooking and to be sincere, eating are my hobbies. I love to travel, I love my job.
If you are interested in making money by digital marketing then contact me, I love to help everyone. 

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