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Make a lot of money.     

We will discuss three topics 1 Website building and earn a lot of money for a long time, lifetime financial freedom and your life will change permanently 2. Immediate work you can start with Fiverr and how to do it 3. Become an online tutor. 

How I can help you?
I can provide you with articles to publish on your website, I can monitor till you make your first 100$, I can guide you on how to generate income immediately on your website.

The 1st Method of making money online

The first method of taking the services from Fiverr and making long time income which is called passive income and you can kick your job due to COVID19 or you can retire early once you start earning.

This method is the best in all because this is the smart way of earning I am doing it and I am confident you too can do it and doesn’t need coding skills or knowledge and it’s very simple and easy.

The best method is the first method where you can easily make 5000$ a month without many efforts just read the process carefully, and this amount will keep increasing and you can lead a lavish life where you will never have a worry of money in your life, this I can tell you with a challenge but you take the first step by signing up with Bluehost, it’s not at all costly deal. 

Do you know the people who are taking the services from Fiverr, by spending money on Fiverr, are making a much better income than the people giving the service it’s obvious, but this area requires some smart work, please make a note of my words they will be useful in every area of life.

“If you feel that it’s difficult to do some task then you should take the use of some expert people in that field by paying some amount this is the smartness”.

For example if you feel that you can’t make a better website then if you keep quiet it’s your fault, you can approach the people on Fiverr you can get many experts who are ready to make it for some dollars and with this website, you can make thousands of dollars you know.

Skills required for this method of making a website and earning a lot of money every month,

1. Planning

2. Passion

3. Dedication

4. Stability

5. Never quit in between

6. Understand what is written

7. Tutor (I will be your tutor on free of cost till you make USD 100 if you take the BlueHost hosting)

8. Small investment in hosting and domain from BlueHost (if you don’t need you can sell it and get back your money)

What is not required to start a website?

1.     Website making skills

2.     Coding  knowledge

3.     Degree

4.     Certificate

5.     Manpower (At the beginning not required and once your business grows you can outsource from Fiverr)

This first earning method is having all the advantages over the second, in the second method you are providing the service to people and earning one time and here you are working and earning.

But this the first method you are working only for a limited period and earning lifelong and your earning will keep on increasing with respect to the web traffic, and in this method, you can have a lifelong passive income that too very handsome the income of thousands of Dollars.

I don’t recommend you to work for both giving services and getting the services if you concentrate on one thing, then you will be successful.

I recommend you the best hosting platform which is called BlueHost you can register using this link and get a free domain, and build a website using WordPress everything can be done with only one click of Bluehost, now because of the lockdown the prices of Bluehost will be going up within a couple of weeks, hence I recommend you to register today on Bluehost.

I suggest you that opportunities come in everyone’s life but the best part is the action taken at the time it comes in front of you if you postpone or ignore then it’s your loss, the best part is act now and takes the first step towards success register now your first hosting with Bluehost.

I will tell you the advantages of BlueHost, I will not take your long time, I have already used many hosting providers but the best part of BlueHost is customer support which is 24 hours / 7, I don’t want to tell your another hosting provider which claims 24/7 but when we contact them they say just send an email our staff is in the crunch due to Covid19, but BlueHost is always customer service is very polite and ready to help anytime.

Next, the best part is downtime which if I tell you is very negligible. 

Dear reader I have given the contact us form, using this you can contact me and I promise you that I will help you till you make your first USD 100 if you take BlueHost hosting from here.

And once you reach here you will gain the confidence in how to make money with a website, and I request you that don’t keep the knowledge with you once you start earning please share with your friends and relatives and this is my fees for teaching you all the details after you contact me, I will not charge you anything because I have made a promise with someone else that I will teach at least 100 people how to make an earning in this difficult time of COVID19.

I am sure with this information, you will kick the job loss due to COVID 19, and you can enjoy the financial freedom in life, and I am confident you can easily make USD 5000 a month.

I know some of the readers are not familiar with the English language hence I recommend that, you can make the website in your own language, by this you will get more traffic because the competition in other languages is low as compared to the English language.

If still, you want to make a website in English then make use of Fiverr and get the content is written by someone for you here you are paying less and making a lot of money.  

Let me tell you how to make a website and earn money there are plenty of ways you can earn money through your website and the money spent will never go in waste, everything you have purchased can be sold to others from domain to complete the website with profit.

The first thing is planning and selecting a proper niche is very important, if you are making a website on something like monkey or snake will not give you any earning, your planning should include the products in the market such as if you are making a website on fashion then there are plenty of people who are ready to show ads related to your niche and you can make a lot of money.

Now after planning and selecting a niche the next step is to select a domain but if you use this link of Bluehost hosting you will get a free domain and you need not spend a single penny on the domain, but you have to take the hosting from BlueHost if the website is for international purpose then you have to get a dot com domain and the very important point is that while selecting a domain name it should be same to the niche for example if you are making a website on real estate then if you select the domain name abcd.com then it is not related and your website will have SEO problems in the long run and it will be difficult to rank on the first page.

If your the website remains at the bottom of google search then you will not get traffic and you will not earn money that is so simple.

If you take a cloud hosting it will be very fast and your website will rank early as compare to shared hosting, Select according to your pocket there are different type of hosting the best will be cloud and economical will be shared hosting you can select anyone.

Now you have to approach the website builders on Fiverr, just type in the search box of Fiverr WordPress website design, there are tons of service providers you can see, and now you have to study the number of stars on the profile and the amount they are charging this service starts from USD 10 and some of them are even charging USD 300 to 500 but they are providing something extra.

Well after that you need the content which you can write yourself or else again you can get the service from Fiverr for content writing work, there are people who will provide SEO customaries content.

Now you have to select how you want to earn money the highest-earning will come from affiliate marketing, but you need targeted traffic, the second-best method is Adsense normally this will take some time to start because Adsense needs some 10 to 20 minimum post and website should be 3 months old to start advertising on your website hence it takes around 3 to 4 months to start earning.

The next a best-earning method is sponsored ads, for this you should have good traffic on your website if it starts then you can charge USD 100 to 500 per fortnight, and if you get a couple of sponsored ads then your earning will starts immediately.

There are some other methods such as eCommerce website you can sell anything you want here also you can earn a lot of money but this needs a remarkable amount of investment for advertisement and branding your website for making it famous if it happens then no one can catch you on the earth and you can compete with big brands.

Now for traffic point comes is SEO this service also you can get it through Fiverr there are plenty of backlinks providers and SEO Experts who will bring your website to the top using different techniques.

Another option is you can make some ads with social media and Adwords, and gain traffic from a particular area and a particular age group and with a particular interest.

There are many advertisement methods you can use according to your pocket and invest in ads and earn money.

Furthermore, you can learn many things from youtube videos and implement them.

Now let us consider you have made the website and need SEO which is much complicated and time-consuming part, in this case also you can hire an expert.

Another example is if you find it is difficult to gather traffic for your affiliate the program, you will get many people who will generate traffic for your blog or website and get your sale, here you are sharing a small portion of your income but still, you will be in a better position than the people who are giving the service.

Another example if you are a YouTube creator, and you need genuine traffic, you can get it at a very small amount.

If your focus is to make thousands of dollars a month without doing much of the work, then just plan to make the best website, the first thing you have to do is to select a profitable niche, if you are unable to make a decision then again go to the Fiverr, catch an expert in this field by just spending USD 10 and get the niche and keyword research.

Now after doing this you must buy hosting from BlueHost and you will get a free domain if you use my BlueHost link select the domain just resembling your niche and the domain should be of small enough,

Now again approach the Fiverr and get an expert in website building, because making a website looks simple but it needs some expertise, for making SEO related precautions.        

 Kick The Covid19 Job Loss Start Earning Immediately I am ready to assist you with the best tips and tricks on free of cost, till you make the first $100 start now.

Real Story Of My Friend.

One of my friends has met with an accident, last year and because of which his spinal cord has got damaged, and he cannot walk, due to this he even lost his job, then he broke with financial problems, even he had two kids with his housewife, but he was an engineer with computer knowledge, he was not having any other source of income, and he had a burden of his family, then he joined the Fiverr, he is doing only simple job work of photo editing, and he is earning 5000 dollars a month, and now he is happy, slowly his earning is increasing, he always thanks the Fiverr for providing a lot of gigs.

The easiest and simple work you can get on the Fiverr is removing the background of a photo, this service is in a full-fledged demand because of E-Commerce sites need white background for the products for selling and for each gig you are charging USD 10 is gorgeous good.

Well you may think, in the beginning with no gigs and any reviews on profile how to start for this, you just contact me at the bottom of this page comment section and provide me with your email address I will help you get the business techniques, even if you cannot decide which gig you have to take them also, you can contact me I will guide you step by step.

In case if you feel that you are not having any knowledge or skills or the talent to do any work then also you can charge the customer dollar 10 and you can get the work is done by another gig provider who is charging 5 dollars this is just an example.

In simple words if you do not have the techniques then borrow the techniques of intelligent people by paying them something, this is another secret of the best businessman.

The reference I will give you his video for cross-checking if you request me.

I'm an affiliate marketer with links to an online retailer on my website. When people read what I've written about a particular product and then click on those links and buy something from the retailer, I earn a commission from the retailer

In short, we can call like this, part-time jobs near me, work from home jobs and work from home.
First, register with this link BlueHost then contact me

The 2nd Method 

No waste of time! It’s free to start working on Fiverr and you can register using this link 

This website I am giving you handy, on this website I am giving you two easy legitimate methods of making instant money on Fiverr.

2.     Getting services and making money online. (buyer)

The best method is the second method where you can easily make 5000$ a month without many efforts just read the process carefully, and this amount will keep increasing and you can lead a lavish life where you will never have a worry of money in your life, this I can tell you with a challenge but you must take the first step by signing up with Bluehost, it’s not at all costly deal. 

You may be surprised with the second method, that by getting the services actually done by sellers I will be paying money then how I can make money right, don’t worry I will explain to you in this website everything in detail and with this second method, you can easily make thousands of Dollars.

Fiverr — This website normally sells services such as a copy and paste data entry, data mining, form filing, content writing, photo editing, and video editing, writing translation, logo making, design, website traffic, video marketing, making a video on other's behalf, voice acting, actor, creative writing, proofreading, blog writing, social media marketing, spokesperson, and many more you can visit the directory section of Fiverr, and get a lot more service providers. These days earning from online services have become relatively easy. I will show you the best easy method in this content that offers online income is Fiverr.

Among all the above services the most lucrative and in high demand is a photo editing, spokesperson and email marketing. Now you have to find out which one suits you the best if you are not confident then contact me I will guide you with the best tips, just visit contact us and your free guide is ready to help you.

It’s free to start working on Fiverr and you can register using this link.

Let us discuss the first type with complete details, the first thing you have to find what service you can provide and create online, there are so many simple and easiest things you can do is data entry, photo editing, spokesperson jobs, which are in high demand and easy to accomplish with the best accuracy.

Language is not a barrier, you can do it in any language, I am giving you a screenshot, and how in a single order this lady made USD 35 which is INR 2808 by making a short video of fewer than 172 words and the duration of the video is just 2 minutes 36 seconds. And the video is in the Hindi language.

2 Easy Legitimate Methods To Start Immediate Earning

You too can do this, what to speak also they will provide and he has to just speak in front of the camera and send us.        

 First step: - Register and create a profile

It’s free to start working on Fiverr and you can register using this link FIVERR.

Here you have to use take some time and study, all the profile of the same service other your competitors are providing, you have to study very carefully and find out that positive points and negative points of your competitors.

Now you have to pinpoint the negative points and try to give better service in that area, now find the positive points and with your competitors and try to give better service than him/her.

Now start creating a profile, here you can charge little more than your competitors, by emphasizing, you are giving better service than others, here you have two advantages you are increasing the income and you are giving more value to your work.

Don’t worry about you are charging more and people will opt for your competitors, no it is not like that, here people giving you work are more inclined towards quality than quantity and they are always in search of better service than cheap service, here you are filtering out the people who need cheaper service and it is a good thing, you will get good quality customers.

Well, let us discuss the easiest and profitable service you can do it in any language in my next page.

 The easiest service with good income (instant money)

The easiest process is to give services in the field of spokesperson, actually, you have to make a video the script will be provided by the customer and you are charging 5 USD for every 75 words spoken in front of the camera and the time is taken will be just in seconds and for every 75 words 5 USD and normally the words will be more than 300 and you can calculate how easy it will be to make money online.

This service is easiest because you can just make a video in any language at your own connivance.

Second, the easiest service is background removal, now a day we all know that there are hundreds of eCommerce websites and normally every eCommerce site they need the pictures to be with weight background.

People are ready to pay you USD 10 for every 5 pictures and there are so many apps and the software which will do this job within just 5 minutes.

Third, the easiest service is form filling,

This service is also very easy and simple you have to fill the forms as per the data provided by the customer.

Next comes the other services such as copy and paste data entry, data mining, form filling, content writing, photo editing, and video editing writing translation, logo making, design, website traffic, video marketing, making a video on other's behalf, voice acting, actor, creative writing, proofreading, blog writing, social media marketing.

Here I have just mentioned the easiest methods only but there are thousands of services you can find out which will be best for you then start the work from the first day.

I can tell you with a 100% guarantee that you can easily make USD 500, to USD 1000, from the initial stage of giving services.

Just for your reference before stepping into this work you can make a survey how much actually, people are making money by giving absolutely very simple services without any proper skills here I have listed them please just cross-check and confirm my words.

Seller one – I will design and edit your resume, CV, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile which is very simple work charging Rs 4000/- which is around $ 55 and he got 40 thousand orders.

Seller two – PowerPoint presentation, which even a 12th class student can do and he is charging Rs 2800/- which is around $ 40 per gig, you can visit and just watch how many orders he got and calculate yourself. 

 WordPress website design he is charging Rs 2000/- around $ 30 and he is just making a design which anyone can do without many efforts and just watch he got a lot of orders.

Create a landing page, which is very simple work and takes just 10 minutes for a new bee and just 3 minutes for an expert and he is charging Rs 400/- which is around $ 5, just observe this person is having a lot of work in the queue and he is not having time to deliver the work.

SEO of YouTube videos, he is charging Rs 2000/- around $ 30 if you install tube buddy on your browser, you will get free SEO results on the right side of the browser and if you take a paid version with just a single click you can get all the results and you have to deliver it to the customer it's that simple and zeroes skills are needed for this and this person is having hundreds of order and tons in a queue.

This gentleman creates flyers, poster. Broacher in 24 hours. So simple job and for this, he is charging Rs. 3200/- $ 45 this work can be done by my youngest son, even if you can’t do then you can visit a photo studio and request by just giving him Rs.100 and get this work done and deliver to the customer and you can charge Rs 3200/- which is around $ 45.

Just watch this gentleman charging Rs 750/- which is around $ 10 for the writing content title and the strange thing is he is having 4000 orders.

One more strange gig with very simple skills of copy and paste and typing, data entry, charging Rs 750/- around $ 10 and he is having 5000 orders

I have just composed a drop from the ocean simple methods people are making if you really study the website you will find plenty of such simple work and you can easily 

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